RBW Systems continue to grow market share with Webber Amusements TiTO install.

Fresh on the heels of extending its’ services agreement with Inspired Entertainment’s Leisure Division, a deal which was announced in July, RBW Systems has added to its series of business wins by completing a Guardian TiTO install with Webber Amusements across its five sites situated in North West England and along the North Wales Coast all of which are also connected to Guardian CMS.

Describing the installation, which was completed by eService as ‘straightforward and painless’, owner Mark Webber said: “You have to choose your partners carefully when it comes to capital investments such as this and in order to minimise the amount of time a venue is shut. We arranged with eService for Kieran to start work at 6am and thanks to his diligence and some preparatory work from our side we were up and running by midday.

“Every minute that a venue is shut is a minute when the business is not earning. I was concerned about lost custom but I have to say the install was seamless, assisted by Nigel at RBW whose help in providing us with the technical support that we needed was outstanding. Personal recommendations count for an awful lot in this business and I took advice from colleagues and from a larger operator whose opinions I value, I then weighed up the options, met Rob at RBW and we did the deal.”

In terms of what the installation means to the business Mark Webber believes the benefits are both operational and strategic. He explained: “Being able to keep an eye on the operation courtesy of the real time reporting that’s available within CMS frees me up to do other things which help the business. I’ve also been able to keep connected with the business whilst sat outside with my lap top on holiday.

“Strategically I think the sector is made vulnerable by the decline in the use of cash in everyday transactions which in turn has resulted in an increase in the number of bank closures and the reduction in ATMs. The shift away from physical cash to electronic payments really underlines the importance of having Guardian TiTO integrated into the business.”

Reflecting on the agreement with Webber Amusements, RBW Systems founder Rob Wheeler said: “I view all of the new and retained business that we have secured in 2023 as being an endorsement of both our technology and the way in which we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers. We are outcomes driven which means always delivering on our promises and understanding the challenges facing businesses of all sizes. Reputation means everything to me personally and to everyone else connected with the business. Our strategy is very straightforward and that is to continue to deliver positive outcomes for all of our customers and to increase our market share courtesy of word of mouth recommendations.”

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